Our Services

We provide end to end solutions to our customers. As of now we are into product design, prototyping, silicon mold making and home automation services. We also enter into agreements for developing exclusive products for our customers. We have FDM 3D printing, wood routing and single side copper pcb milling for prototyping in house. We also develop android apps and do web development through CMS. Do mail or call us if you have any project in mind or want to collaborate for any project.

Below are the pics of some of the products developed by us for direct sale, or by our associates, or projects that we have delivered. Click on these to know more about our services. Very soon we are going to start providing training in open source modelling software like blender and FDM 3D printing for kids.

A product takes birth when it’s idea comes into a designer’s mind. Computer Aided Design brings that mere thought to the point where a product can be perceived by others, understood by users and manufactured by makers. We use open source modelling software for modelling any kind of product…

Concrete molding is the new trend in the makers market. Though concrete molding is not new but lately we have seen many people, startups making concrete molded home decor articles. Home decor articles like clocks, vase, bathroom accessories, planters, trays and what not.

Using open source modelling software, we are capable of designing any art or functional product. Home decor has been our point of start.

A designer can see what most can’t but to bring in clarity in product’s utility and manufacturability, one needs to be able to touch, feel and use it. 3D printing is a great tool for it.

Your home under your control. We deal in some of the Indian brands and will be happy to serve or guide.