Product Design and Prototyping​

Product design is gigantic. It involves realization of need, conceptualization, formulation, pre-fabrication analysis, modification in design, iterations of these till we finalize a design, prototyping, testing – analysis and repeated modification till desired results are achieved. Long talk short, it involves 3D modelling and sample making.


A product takes birth when it’s idea comes into a designer’s (or anyone who has realised a need, or a concept) mind. A sculptor has his hands and other shaping tools to bring a concept to life. But some people use Computer Aided Design to brings there mere thought to the point where a product can be perceived by others, understood by users and manufactured by makers. 

We use open source modelling software for modelling any kind of product. We also provide modelling files depending on customers need.

For bringing any such idea to life mail us at

Photo frame


Prototyping can be simply understood as sample making till we are satisfied with the properties and aesthetics. We are equiped with 3D printing, wood milling and PCB milling set up for prototyping.

With our in house and outsourced capabilities we can prototype any type of product.

3D printed photo frame