#2 What the heck is Home Automation?

Home Automation

Home automation provides remote and automatic control of your home/office devices by means of one or multiple easy to use interface(s). It covers several aspects some of which are

  • Centralized control of lighting and other electrical appliances
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
  • Security and surveillance
  • House keeping
  • Energy saving and efficiency

We provide a range of solutions catering needs to control all your electrical appliances with tailor made solutions. These appliances can be lights, fans, air conditioners, television sets, geysers and what not. These can be controlled from your smart phones, tablets or personal computer from anywhere, anytime.

Why Home Automation?


Imagine that all lights go dim, curtains close and television turns on with your favorite movie being played at touch of one single button. How convenient is that! Every morning I snooze my alarm and go back to sleep leading to getting late to work, but if somehow my curtains can open of its own and sun light itself wakes me up. It will simply be awesome. Am I asking too much no actually I can’t sleep with lights on.

Convenience for old age, people with reduced mobility, migraine or prone to cold and allergies

Old age, differently abled or people having trouble in mobility within the house or otherwise will find it really helpful, to be able to control electrical equipment just with a tap on phone. Kids and people who catch cold more often or who suffer from allergies like sinusitis, allergic rhinitis or asthma or other breathing difficulties can get benefited from the product as it will allow them to control fans and air conditioners. In many cases sudden temperature changes act as triggers to enhance the effect of some allergies. With home automation, they can schedule fan speed regulation, switching the air condition and fan off or on, without getting disturbed in sleep. they want to set with no wake up in the middle of night to switch the ac off or on. Allergic rhinitis is one very common nasal allergy to know more visit the following link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99gcWh2WKl8

Energy efficiency and saving

With the dimmers and color changing LED Lighting we offer you can operate the LED lights at various intensity levels according to need. The energy saving occurs when LEDs operate at lesser intensities than 100%. Besides this scheduling the usage of electrical appliances wisely, and switching them off when not needed can help you save energy making your home more smarter and energy efficient. You contribute to bring down the carbon footprint of your household and family and indirectly making yourself more Eco-friendly.

Safety, security and Surveillance

In today’s fast moving world many a times, we ignore or misjudge many happenings taking place around us. Some other times we don’t even know about their occurrence. In such cases, we may get benefited, if we have someone to vouch for us. Sensors can help play that pivotal role for us. These can be motion detectors, gas sensors, air quality monitors, cameras in form of CCTVs etc. They really play an important part and help us prevent or monitor many undesirable events.

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