Concrete molding

Concrete molding

Concrete molding is the new trend in the makers market. Though concrete molding is not new but lately we have seen many people, startups making concrete molded home decor articles. Home decor articles like clocks, vase, bathroom accessories, planters, trays and what not. Even interior decorators promotes these for their robust and rugged looks. Concrete has become the new classy. But what makes it so workable? Now that’s what we are going to talk about in this post so read it till the end.

Concrete, a very commonly used building material used almost everywhere as we can see in our concrete jungle city life. The main constituents include cement, sand, gravel, water and may contain other additives. It takes the shape of the cavity in which it is poured or applied once cured. Though it takes some more time to achieve it’s true strength but then again it all depends on the type of application we put it to.¬†

Since concrete is the most widely used building material used worldwide, it is easily available. It is quite inexpensive when compared to other materials like wood and metals. After solidifying it gives a rough and rugged look that can be further enhanced by other post processes. Surely there are drawbacks of working in concrete. You need proper breathing mask, apron, water supply for prepare concrete and post work cleaning. Then if we try making something big the weight of the sculpture increases very quickly in concrete.

Ways of strengthening concrete. Prominently used method is to put steel bars into it but the relatively new way is though glass fiber. Such a concrete is called GFRC, that is Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete.

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