About us

Welcome to our website! We are a startup of product developers based in Ghaziabad, India (Delhi, NCR). Here at Synergistics Tech Solutions, we provide product development and prototyping services to people, firms and industries of varying interests. We make things for people of different professions. Things of functional art and otherwise.

We are supporters of maker’s movement and DIY trend trending these days. The idea of us coming into existence is not limited to develop some good functional and visually appealing products but also to acquaint people with the DIY machines and the applications of these in daily life. With the aim to develop new products, we also think in direction of entrepreneurial development, sharing knowledge for skill improvement and to do something catering the needs of our present day society. 

We are associates of some of the tech firms like Laalten Tech, Creativegenics, Garuda 3D etc. Origin Design Studio is one example which is using modern machines and prototyping services to develop products of home decor. We look forward to come up with more such associates or convert opportunities into entrepreneurial ventures.

Vision: The goal is to connect with like minded people and eventually come up with small ventures across the country. These may be in the form of retail outlets or people working with us to cultivate entrepreneurship. To create a chain of problem solver who, using our designs or manufacturing know how or developing themselves, can generate employment. Not only that we have plans for products essential to improve the quality of life in indian metropolitans. 

Mission: To bring together the creative minds of the Indian youth together and transform that united energy into products or activities of creative, social and monetary advantage (benefit).

School students can learn about different machines tools used in manufacturing from an early stage. How these machines work, the machine parts, the language in which we communicate with these machines? Eventually it can help them decide to leap into their actual journey.
Hobbyists can learn different skill sets and quench their thirst to learn.
Entrepreneurs: People with entrepreneurial mindset may learn these skills and put them to use to generate income, cater demands of local markets and problems of society. Eventually they will end up in creating more jobs.

Come and be an entrepreneur with us, Be your own boss!