3D Printed RGB Smart Lamps

We have come up with a range of smart RGB lamps. The material used is a biodegradable thermosetting polymer called PLA. It is derived from natural sources of starch such as corn, cassava, sugar cane or sugar beet pulp, and hence PLA is nature friendly. Speaking of the electronics, the lamp houses a PCB which has Bluetooth connectivity which enable you to control the lamp through your android smart phone through our app. The lamps operate in five different modes.

Features of the smart lamp

  • Modular design, any of the smart lamp shade will fit any of the smart lamp base
  • The shades and bases are fitted with magnets which helps to hold on to each other
  • The material we use in our base and shade is PLA, which is a biodegradable polymer
  • 3D printed using FDM process
  • The lamp needs a power supply of 5V and 2 amp DC, which can be provided through any cell phone charger adapter. The power adapter is not supplied in the package.

Salient features of the app:

  • Smart lamp controlled using android app, Bluetooth connectivity
  • Works in five different modes namely Auto, Lamp, Theme, Strobe and Music
  • In music mode, lamp syncs with any music played on connected smartphone

3D printed RGB smart lamps (8” height)

RGBC801 Duct

RGBC802 Meteorid

RGBC803 Hextrude

RGBC804 Skull

RGBC805 Classic

RGBC806 Crushed Spiral

3D Printed RGB Lithophane Smart lamps (8” height)

RGBCL801 Radhe

RGBCL802 Adiyogi

RGBCL803 Yashodanandan

3D printed RGB smart lamps (12” Height)

RGB1201 Mountain (White)

RGB1202 Mountain (Translucent)

RGB1203 Classic (White)

RGB1204 Classic (Translucent)

3D printed RGB smart lamps (14” Height)

RGB1401 Mountain (White)

RGB1402 Mountain (Translucent)

RGB1403 Classic (White)

RGB1404 Classic (Translucent)